Co Co River (Cổ Cò river) is known as an arterial road linking Da Nang and Quang Nam which is related to the prosperity of these places. Due to the economic potentiality, the increasing value of this area, many Co Co riverside investment projects attract a lot of investors.

The potentiality of Co Co River

Co Co river projects

Co Co bridge is over Co Co river

Recently, Co Co River has become attractive attracting a lot of investment projects in Da Nang. Connecting Da Nang with Quang Nam, this place promoted the development of infrastructure, resort resorts, riverside ecological urban.

Co Co River links Da Nang with Hoi An. Famous tourist favored by nature such as Ngu Hanh Son (the Marble Mountain), Cu Lao Cham, Hoi An ancient town … create a perfect space, beautiful scenery with charming beaches.

However, few years ago, few people suspected that this land is now “excavated”. The white sand, the sea shore now become a bustling real estate market attracting large number of investors.

Taking advantage of this potentiality, the Co Co river projects are attracting more and more investors which make this area more bustling.

Co Co riverside investment projects

Co Co river

Project in riverside of Co Co river

According to survey, Da Nang house prices in riverside projects are always much more higher. Even some of the projects are not located in the city center, they are sold as expensively as apartments in the city.

Nowadays, young people tend to live in harmony with nature so the ecological projects and luxury resorts on Co Co riverside are catching attentions of investors.

Some typical investment projects along the Co Co river:

+ Co Co village ecological urban area project (Sun Group Corporation).

+ Phu My An urban area.

+ Green City urban area: with a planning area of ​​up to 15.1 hectares, designed in Singapore style of urban projects with a total capital of 180 billion. The project includes 500 residential land. In addition, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels are also invested to form new urban areas.

+ Coco Riverside City project in Quang Nam: The Co Co river section in Da Nang has also formed the urban area and FPT City Da Nang Hi-tech offices. There are two golf courses in Coco Bay which near Co Co river in the east. Moreover, there are dozens of ecological urban projects throughout the developing Co Co riverside.

+ Nam Hoa Xuan urban area: an ecological urban area along Co Co River in Cam Le District.

Danang – Quang Nam coastal resort and real estate projects are catching more and more attentions. A large number of customers and investors are hunting for plots of land along the Co Co river.

This is a good chance to own a plot of land or villa in Co Co Riverside investment projects. Living in harmony with nature would bring you an excitement, help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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