Service apartment is quite famaliar nowadays due to its extremely growth. If you are intending to come to Danang and want to rent a service apartment but you do not know what a serviced apartment is? In Danang, not all of us know where there are outstanding serviced apartments with reasonable prices and security. Each year, Danang attracts a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists because of its beauty, friendliness and honest people. Hence, the real estate market and service apartment are rapidly growing to bring customers the best services.

What is the service apartment?

What is a service apartment? The best service apartment in Da Nang

Firstly, serviced apartment is one of miniature versions of hotel rooms with full utilities such as TV, bed, wardrobe, table, hot and cold faucet, air conditioner. In addition, the serviced apartment also includes some services such as room cleaning service, laundry or food service, etc.

Besides, there are gym, yoga classes, swimming pool or BBQ area. Serviced apartments are suitable for the needs of tourists as well as those who work in short term in Danang. Here, there are full range of luxury or medium-class serviced apartments that can easily suit the needs and financial abilities of the tenants.

In Danang, which service apartments are outstanding?

Danang is not only one of the most attractive tourist destinations but also a place where the economy is developed rapidly with numerous buildings, beautiful and impressive resorts, modern shopping centers and many luxury serviced apartments. Currently, in Danang there are service apartments with full facilities as:

Fhome Apartment

What is a service apartment? The best service apartment in Da Nang

This apartment for rent is located in the heart of Danang city, near the beach, with modern swimming pool, just 1 km from Han River bridge and 1.2 km from Indochina Riverside Mall. From here you can easily move to Love Lock Bridge. This is one of many service apartments that can help you look around the city, have free wifi with full utilities like stove, TV, etc.

Diva Apartment

What is a service apartment? The best service apartment in Da Nang

Diva Apartment is located in the center of Danang, just 5 minutes to walk to the beach, just 2 km from the Asia Park and 1.9 km from Danang Love Lock Bridge. The dining room is designed with full furniture. Here, the tenants can have their favorite dishes by themselves.

Moreover, Diva Apartment also have beauty center, fitness center, tennis court, windsurfing, biking, golf, motorbike and bicycle rental.

Son Tra Apartment

What is a service apartment? The best service apartment in Da Nang

Son Tra district always attracts a large number of tourists. The apartment is located at 270 Vo Nguyen Giap street, it only takes you a minute to walk to the beach and it is 2 km from Asia Park, 3 km from Danang Love Lock Bridge. This apartment has balcony, dining room, cooking area, fridge, etc. Son Tra Apartment also offer free wifi for guests staying here.

Son Tra Apartment also have beauty center, spa, massage services, luxury restaurants, car rental, etc.

Ocean Apartment

What is a service apartment? The best service apartment in Da Nang

This is one of the many serviced apartments in the center of Danang have unique garden and an impressive outdoor swimming pool. It is only about 3.5 km from Non Nuoc village, 4 km from Ngu Hanh. The apartment is fully furnished with bathroom, kitchen, chairs, TV, free wifi and BBQ facilities. Ocean Apartment also offer a tennis court and a motorbike rental service.

These are some good serviced apartments in Danang that we provide. We hope that it will help you to choose the best apartment for your trip. You can take a look the price list of serviced apartments in Danang to have a best choice.

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